Restless legs:

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) sufferers experience jittery or antsy legs when they lie in bed or sometimes when they are sitting down. The discomfort is relieved only by getting up and standing or walking.

Restless legs can be a symptom of venous reflux (or venous insufficiency) which is a progressive medical condition in which the valves that allow the blood to travel from the legs to the heart no longer function. This can cause blood to pool in the legs and veins to swell. The incorrect blood flow (or reflux) causes the blood to seep into the tissues and cause restless legs.

Other common symptoms of venous reflux include pain, swelling, cramps, heaviness and fatigue, as well as, skin changes and venous ulcers in more severe cases.

Venous reflux tends to run in families. It is more common after middle age and occurs in both women and men.


How is it diagnosed?

We will first get a thorough history and examine your legs . The confirmation is then made by a specialized ultrasound of your legs here at Alpha Vein Clinic.


How is it treated?

Since the valves in the legs cannot be repaired, the only alternative is to re-route blood flow from the diseased veins to healthy veins. Traditionally, this has been done by surgically removing (stripping) the troublesome vein from your leg. Here at Alpha Vein Clinic we offer a few different techniques to treat your Restless Legs, which provides a less invasive alternative to vein stripping by simply closing the diseased veinOnce the diseased vein is closed, it becomes scar tissue and is eventually absorbed by the body. The three main methods we like to use are “Radio Frequency Ablation“, “The VenaSeal” and “Clarivein Occlusion”. These procedures are simple in-office and only minimally invasive procedures. They are all performed under local anesthesia and are well covered by most insurance companies. .

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